About me

Hi, I am Shekhar and I would like to tell you, a little bit about my writing.

Although, I have been penning my thoughts since my college days, but they were mostly scribbled on notebooks or restricted to word documents. I guarded them close to my heart as a personal journal. Never shared this secret passion with anyone. It might have stemmed from a belief that they were much too personal or perhaps not worth sharing. Let me tell you, those days, you did not have social media. Email was the latest fad 😊
But with passage of time and with the advent of social media, I was tempted to sharing them on my WhatsApp groups, and surprisingly I was flooded with laurels of appreciation and a whole lot of positive feedback from my friends and colleagues. My friends encouraged me to share more of my writings.

So, here I am on this platform….ready to take the next step and connect to a wider audience through my writings.

You will find a mix of Hindi and Urdu language in most of my pieces. I picked up on Urdu, post college as I was always fascinated by the language. I feel that, it is one of finest medium of expression that needs more attention and due credit.
I realize that some of you may not be well versed with Urdu, so at the end of each piece, you will find the meanings of some of the tougher words.

Please, feel free to post your reviews or comments. Your feedback is valuable as, it will enrich my writing further

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